Soo… Why Future Days Bookkeeping?

Updated: Apr 15

When I started my business I knew that eventually, someone would ask why they should work with me and not someone else. I was not in business yet and already dreading that question. I am not good at telling people why I am the best. I am the ultimate team player. I love to sing the praises of everyone, but myself. I knew this would be a problem. Could I say just wait, you’ll see?

Probably not. So I am going to try to beat you to the punch. Why Future Days Bookkeeping? When I partner with you I am making a commitment to be a trusted financial partner for your business. Your bookkeeping will be done timely, correctly and then we will use that information to help your business grow and prosper. Analyzing financial reports can be a key ingredient in growing your business. I will bring value by analyzing your books, giving you feedback and advice when you need it. I can also provide financial coaching, budgeting, cloud document storage, and above all else be a trustworthy partner. Many small business owners don’t have partners or employees. Having someone you trust to bounce ideas off of can be a huge asset and can make such a huge difference.

All businesses need to track their finances. It can be stressing out at the end of the year, dreading tax time, chasing down receipts, paying bills late and having no idea where all the money goes. Or it can be helpful financial statements that help you make business decisions and adjust your budget accordingly with no stress and no surprises at tax time.

“Soo… why Future Days Bookkeeping?”

I can help your business grow and make your life a little less stressful:)

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